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Author Topic: Interesting Story: Life Of Extravagance - Episode By Episode  (Read 1228 times)
February 11, 2018, 02:01:49 AM Reply #8

Offline Mhiz Ifeoluwa

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Episode 9

Doctor: Stroke….He had partial stroke.

After two years of focusing and caring for her husband, Oluchi became frustrated.

 He wasn’t improving and his been away from his business was beginning to affect them financially.

Oluchi: ‘Take a look at your financial statement for the past three months’ she said to ikedi who was on a wheelchair watching the football league that was going on.

Ikedi: Though he could not talk out loud for he was still down with the partial stroke which affected his right side but he understood very well what is happening and also understood that all his businesses has been suffering the past years because he is unstable. He looked at his wife and mumbled a few words to her but she didn’t understand what he was saying and she went close to him to hear what he said ‘call my
lawyer’ he said.

Oluchi: I should call your lawyer?
Ikedi: Nodded and said ‘Yes’.

Oluchi: Called his lawyer and in a few minutes, he lawyer arrived.

Ikedi instructed his lawyer to allow his wife have access to all his business dealing in which papers and document were signed on that behalf three weeks later. Even though Ikedi knew what he did wasn’t what he wanted but he was handicapped at the moment and he
cannot let his business suffer.

Oluchi: ‘Wow! Finally, I am now the sole owner of all your companies’ she said after the lawyer left.

Ikedi: ‘Please handle it with care, they are all I have’ he mumbled.

Oluchi: Of course sweety, I will handle it with all the care in the world, you do not need to worry a thing ‘I have arrived’ she said to herself ‘This is exactly what I wanted all my life, to own all this and now I am a millionaire of my own’.

Another two years down the line, Oluchi never gave a care in the world about her husband or his health, Effort by his family members to take him away from her and send him abroad for a better treatment proved negative. He became a vegetable but with the help of the cook in the
house, they were able to do little for him when Oluchi is not around.

Ikedi became a shadow of himself and lost all hope in life. The child he wanted and desperately needed,he is sure he will never have again concerning his present condition.

One Morning, Oluchi woke up, got dressed and went to his room. She
looked at him and for the first time felt pity on him but she has made up her mind concerning what she is about to do and there is no going back.

Oluchi: I want to talk to you about something very important Ikedi.

Ikedi: ‘Good’ he mumbled ‘I also want to talk to you’.

Oluchi: Okay, she sat down on the cushion close to the bed and said
‘What is it that you want to talk to me about?

Ikedi: I know that for the past five years, I haven’t been the best husband to you, I know that you really need a man who is stable and tot in a vegetable state like I am. You need a strong and healthy man
who will give you children and….

Oluchi: and what?
Ikedi: If you do not want this marriage, I can understand you.

Oluchi: Okay… so what do you mean now?

Ikedi: Stop treating me like I am a nobody and allow my people access to my house.

Oluchi: Our house you mean?
Ikedi: Oluchi, you have been unfair to me these past few years and I haven’t said anything about it. I know that you have squandered all my hard earned money and you still keep doing that. I also know that you married me for my riches and nothing else.

Oluchi: Go straight to the point na. what is all this mumble about?

Ikedi: I want you to handle everything concerning my wealth and company to my family.

Oluchi: Hahahaha…. Hahahaahahaa. What do you mean you want me to handle everything to your family?

Ikedi: Everything concerning my businesses which I signed to you, I
want you to handle everything to them. you didn’t give me a child and so you are at no liberty to anything.

Oluchi: Really? Have you forgotten that whatever you have is also mine?

Ikedi: I know that but you do not know how to manage them.

Oluchi: Manage ke! Anyway, that won’t be possible.

Ikedi: Why? But they are still mine.
Oluchi: They were yours but the moment you signed everything to me, they became mine.

Ikedi: Just handle everything to them please.

Oluchi: I said that won’t be possible.
Ikedi: Why?

Oluchi: Because I sold all your companies, all of it.

Ikedi: You did what?
Oluchi: I said I sold them.
Ikedi: What have you done?

Oluchi: What I should have done a long time ago. See eh! as you see me so, I am on my way to the airport for I am leaving the country for good.

You can as well call your people to come and take over the process of taking care of you because as for me, I do not want to remain married to you anymore.

Ikedi: Why do you hate me so much? what did I do to you to deserve
all this?

Oluchi: You didn’t do me anything ooo. My compensation of staying with you all these while was all your money I got which Is fair enough.

Ikedi: Why are you doing all this?
Oluchi: Doing what? I didn’t do anything ooo, I only took what is mine.

Ikedi: You have taken away everything from me, you have taken away all my hard earned sweat and money.

Oluchi: ‘Because that was what i wanted in the first place. You are a good man, you will find another woman, Goodbye’. She said as she walked away leaving Ikedi wishing he never met her for she was his biggest mistake.

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February 12, 2018, 12:24:19 AM Reply #9

Offline Mhiz Ifeoluwa

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Episode 10

Ikedi’s family came around after Oluchi left and took over with taking care of him. His bosom friend’s Ekene and Chidera cut all ties with him for they didn’t want to have anything to do with with him ever again. Nkiruka was the only person who solely took over the responsibility of seeing that his little brother gets better again and she used all her resources to send him to india of which he spent one year six months there. When he came back, he came back better and despair.

Nkiruka: Now that you are back to Nigeria, it is time you put the pieces of your life together.

Ikedi: ‘Hmmmm’ he sobered’
Nkiruka: What is hmmm again?

Ikedi: Nothing, it’s just that I do not know how or where to begin Nkiruka: you have to start from somewhere.

Ikedi: I can’t think of anything right now.
Nkiruka: You have to, you have to man up, accept your loss and move on.

Ikedi: How can I do that when I lost everything. I don’t even have anything left of me. I don’t even have a child of my own.

Nkiruka: Eh!Eh! I don’t want to hear that right now, it is never too late.

Ikedi: How? Having a child in this old age is or was never my plan.

Nkiruka: What do you mean?
Ikedi: I am sixty years old and I have nothing to my name. Who would want to have a child for me right now. If I was rich, maybe I would have opted for a baby mama but I am no longer the Ikedi of yesteryears.

Nkiruka: Put yourself together and stop talking nonsense, you will find a woman who will bear a child for you. All you have to do right now is remain positive no matter what life throws at you.

Ikedi: I pray. All I can do now is hope ooo.
Nkiruka: your ex -wife was wicked but she still had pity on you by leaving the house deeds and one of your filling stations to you, that you should be grateful for.

Ikedi: Hmmm, What a life!
And that was how Ikedi continued his search for a woman to call his own again or altleast a woman who would bear him a child. He dated both young and old but none wanted to have any long relationship with him for he was not their spec.

He met Chioma, Chinenye, Chigozie but they all turned down his request concerning bearing a child for him or even marrying him for he was old and not as rich as he used to be because the filling station he had was not earning him the kind of money he expected.

After searching and searching, he gave up on women and decided to devote his time and energy in doing the things of God.

Nkiruka: Ikedi, this one you are now going to church every day, what is happening?

Ikedi: Sister, what can I do? Since I have no one or nothing, I decided to devote my time to God ooo.

Nkiruka: I am happy for you oooo but please do not give up hope.

God is still under the throne.
Ikedi: Amen.
Ikedi never relented in his service to God, he kept his hope and faith alive till one day, on his way to church he met a beautiful lady who was also hurrying to church for they were trekking.

Ikedi: Hello, are you going to my direction?

Ifeoma: Which direction are you going?
Ikedi: I am going to Holy Centre Ministry. Is that where you worship?

Ifeoma: Yes that is where I am worshipping; you know we are already

Ikedi: ‘Yes I do. C’mon, let us walk together’ and together they walked down to church. After church service, Ikedi met with her again and asked for her name. He also collected her number and requested for his permission to keep calling her and she obliged.

Ifeoma: ‘This one you called me out here today’ she said for Ikedi pleaded with her to meet him in a restaurant.

Ikedi: I am sorry if I called you out at the wrong time.

Ifeoma: No problem. What is it you wanted to discuss with me?

Ikedi: Nothing much, just want to get to know you better.

Ifeoma: Why is that? Aren’t you a married man?

Ikedi: No, I am not.
Ifeoma: What do you mean you are not? Haven’t you ever married before?
Ikedi: I have but she left me.
Ifeoma: Wow! Sorry to hear about that.
Ikedi: It is in the past now.

I feoma : I understand, I have been there before.

Ikedi: Are you married?
Ifeoma: Yes I am but I am now a widow.
Ikedi: Wow! I am sorry
Ifeoma: it’s no problem really.
Ikedi: When did he die and what killed him?

Ifeoma: He died two years ago and he was involved in an accident.

Ikedi: So sorry to hear about that.
Ifeoma: I am doing just fine by his grace.
Ikedi: Any kids yet?

Ifeoma: Yes, five kids.

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February 13, 2018, 11:46:40 PM Reply #10

Offline Mhiz Ifeoluwa

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Episode 11

Ikedi: Hmmm.
Ifeoma: What’s hmmm?
Ikedi: Nothing really. Ermmm how old are you again?

Ifeoma: I am forty five years old.
Ikedi: can I say something please
Ifeoma: Go ahead Please.
Ikedi: would you like to have more kids.

Ifeoma: Lol….Hmmm. Why are you asking me all these questions?

Ikedi: Because I would like to marry you and I want you to have my kids if you would want to be my wife.

Ifeoma: I am not sure I want to get married again. Wait a minute, are you asking me to marry you?

Ikedi: Yes I am.
Ifeoma: I am not sure I want to.
Ikedi: Why?
Ifeoma: Because I do not want to.

Ikedi: Please Ifeoma, I want you to be my wife.
Ifeoma: I can’t.

Ikedi: because of your kids or what?
Ifeoma: Because I do not know you or if you are serious and it is too sudden for you to ask that of me.

Ikedi: If you want time. I will give you time and we can get to know each other. I just want us to get married and you bear my name and have kids for me.

Ifeoma: What makes you think I would want to have kids for you after I have had five children?

Ikedi: because I would want one of my own. Listen Ifeoma, I am simply telling you what I want from you and from us.

Ifeoma: I do not want to go through the stress of child bearing and besides, I am forty five years old, and don’t you think I am too old for that?

Ikedi: Please Ifeoma, I am asking you this, from a desperate heart.

Please, just give me this one request.
Ifeoma: Hmmm, I will think about it but I am not promising. We can also opt for a surrogate for you.

Ikedi: Just think about it carefully before we go ahead with all other available options.

Ifeoma: I will.

Few months later, Ifeoma and Ikedi tied the knot in Ikoyi registry where they were pronounced man and wife.

Ifeoma lived with her five children together with her husband in the same house. Ikedi loved her children like it was his own but he still wanted one from his own loins and decided to talk to his wife about it.

Ikedi: Ifeoma, I need you to carry my child.

Ifeoma: Are you still bent on me carrying your own child.

Ikedi: of course I am. I am not getting any younger and would really want a child of my own.

Ifeoma: You know that I am too old for childbearing; I really do not want anything to happen to me because I cannot live my children alone in this world.

Ikedi: How does you carrying my own child means you are going to leave this world?

Ifeoma: it is dangerous and we cannot afford the cost when anything goes wrong. Why don’t we involve a surrogate in this matter?

Ikedi: Why would I want to involve a surrogate?

Ifeoma: My body is too weak but a surrogate can use my egg and your
sperm. All she has to do is carry the child for nine months.

Ikedi: Hmmm.
Ifeoma: That is the only option left ooo but before that, we have to visit the doctor to find out if my eggs can still be used and that is if I have any eggs left sef.

Ikedi: What do you mean? Have you stopped seeing your period?

Ifeoma: No I haven’t but just because I haven’t doesn’t mean that I can produce. Let’s see the doctor before any conclusion is made.

Ikedi: Alright.

Ikedi and ifeoma went to see the doctor and it was confirmed that ifeoma can still carry a child of which she preferred using a surrogate to go through all that for her and it was decided by Ikedi to use a Ikedigate.

Ikedi took his wife abroad through the help of his beloved sister Nkiruka who financed all the expenses and also paid for a surrogate to carry his brother child. Nine Months later, the surrogate gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.

Ikedi was happy and overjoyed at the news for it seems he has waited all his whole life just to have a child and a child he finally has. He named the child Obiechina for his Lineage will never close ever again.

Two Years Later , Obiechina grew to be a very quiet and handsome boy who was so loved by his parents but Ifeoma noticed something different about her child.

Ifeoma: ‘Ikedi, I think our child needs medical attention’ she said when they were alone in their room

Ikedi: What do you mean by our child needs medical attention?

Ifeoma: He is unlike my five children. Looking at Obiechina, I think something is wrong with him.

Ikedi: What do you think is wrong with him?

Ifeoma: I really do not know yet, that is why I said let us take him to the doctor first to confirm if he is medically okay.

Ikedi: How can you take a child to the hospital when you can’t fathom out what is wrong with him?

Ifeoma: Ikedi, look at Obiechinna, does he look okay to you?

Ikedi: He does, I do not see anything wrong with him.

Ifeoma: You are so very wrong, our son is two years old yet has never called me Mom properly and neither has he ever called you Dad, when all other children can say a few words his age.

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February 14, 2018, 07:05:35 AM Reply #11

Offline Mhiz Ifeoluwa

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Episode 12

Ikedi: You worry too much; he will come around in his own time.

Ifeoma: I do not think that is the situation with our son.

Ikedi: Give him time ifeoma, he will come around. Every child is different in their own way.

Ifeoma: but this one is different, he can’t say a few words properly.

Ikedi: okay, fine. What do you want us to do now?

Ifeoma: I would like to take him to the hospital for medical check - up.

Ikedi: Alright but it won’t be now; if after six months he doesn’t improve then you can take him to a hospital.

Ifeoma: In that case, I would like to send him to kindergarten for him to see his peers and mingle with, maybe that would change him a bit and enable him talk faster.

Ikedi: If that is what you want, fine by me.
Ifeoma: Thanks dear.

Few Days later, Nkiruka paid a visit to his brother Ikedi.

Ikedi: Sister, welcome to my house.
Nkiruka: Ehen Ikedi, how are you and how is your health?

Ikedi: I am doing fine.
Nkiruka: No sign and symptoms of stroke again abi?

Ikedi: Not at all, no sign.
Nkiruka: Good. Ermmm, where are the children and where is your wife?

Ikedi: Have you forgotten that they are all in boarding school and the two elder ones who are in the university doesn’t like coming home until they are broke.

Nkiruka: Smiling ‘that is good to hear, What about your wife and Obiechina?’

Ifedi: Oh! You mean ifeoma he asked sitting by her side.

Nkiruka: Yes I mean her.
Ifedi: She went to her shop in the market. You know she has a provision store there.

Nkiruka: Okay. Anyway. That is good because I came to see you.

Ifedi: What is wrong, hope no problem this one you came to see me.

Nkiruka: No problem ooo. it is just that I was wondering if you are ever thinking of having more children.

Ifedi: What do you mean if I am thinking of having more children?

Nkiruka: Don’t you want to have more children?

Ifedi: I haven’t thought of that.
Nkiruka: Why if I may ask?
Ifedi: What do you mean why? I don’t want to have any more because I am too old to be a father at my age.

Nkiruka: Says who? Is it not your mate that are getting married?

Ifedi: Thank God you said getting married and not giving birth.

Nkiruka: Is it not your mate that are getting married and giving birth?

Ifedi: Look sister, I am too old and Obiechina is okay for me at the moment.

Nkiruka: Mba nu, I cannot and will not accept that. I want you to have more children.

Ifedi: I have five children from my wife already and obiechina my biological child. What else do you want me to have?

Nkiruka: Another child from your loins Ikedi, Another child! Is it a bad thing to wish for another child?

Ifedi: It is not and not a bad idea but right now, I just can’t.

Nkiruka: And why is that so?
Ifedi: Because my wife may not be in support. I know how difficult it was for me to convince her to allow a surrogate carry our child.

Nkiruka: And what is wrong if you do that this time?

Ifedi: Sister Please, Obiechina is okay for me.

Nkiruka: Look at you, do you think Mama will be happy that all you could do for her, is give her only one child?

Ifedi: Please don’t start.
Nkiruka: Don’t start what? When we were running and chasing you with different beautiful women to marry did you agree?

No! What you were busy doing was going to club and chasing anything on skirt. You couldn’t even produce one and what was the reason? That I cannot have a child outside marriage ‘she said mimicking him’ the useless woman you finally settled down with, robbed you of all your wealth and everything you had. You were in a vegetable state when she left but I still took pity on you as my brother, I sold all I had to make sure you
are here today.

Ikedi: What is it na? Why are you telling me the story of my life?

Nkiruka: Because I need to remind you of who you are and the reason why you need more children.

Ikedi: Is that why you have to tell me the story of my life.

Nkiruka: Yes ikedi, Yes! Look here Ikedi, all your friends left you to die but your family stayed behind. If you get old and sick, I may not be there, your niece and nephew may also not be there not even your step children but your own child from your loins will always be there for

Ikedi: That is why I have Obiechina na.
Nkiruka: and I said he isn’t enough. The earlier you start thinking about it, the better for you and us all. I have said my own and it is up to you to take it or live it. Afterall, you are an adult.

Ikedi: But I do not have the money to go through the process all over again and what if my wife has reached menopause?

Nkiruka: You simply have another woman to do it for you for you are still a man and you still have some strength left in you to pregnant another woman don’t you?

Ikedi: I wouldn’t want to have an affair with another.

Nkiruka: I am not asking you to. All I am saying is that you can still use another woman’s egg but your sperm is what will use to fertilize her eggs.

Ikedi: My wife may be against it.
Nkiruka: it is your duty to make her understand.

Ikedi: Hmmm, I will think about it and talk to her about it.

Nkiruka: You better do for time is no longer on your side.

Ikedi: Hmmmm.

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