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Author Topic: Interesting Story: Life Of Extravagance - Episode By Episode  (Read 1230 times)
February 15, 2018, 02:10:14 AM Reply #12

Offline Mhiz Ifeoluwa

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Episode 13

With the help of the teacher assigned daily to look after Obiechina, Ifeoma was able to know how her child was faring.

Ifeoma: ‘Good day Chinonso’ for that is her name.

Chinonso: Good day Ma.
Ifeoma: How is my child interacting with other of his peers please?

Chinonso: To be sincere with you ma, I think he is a little bit reserved and withdrawn Ma. He doesn’t communicate or get close to anybody.

Ifeoma: Why is that so?
Chinonso: Its simple Ma, your son cannot say any meaning full two words phrase no matter how hard we try to help him, he hardly smiles,does not imitate sound and movement of other peers unlike other children, still unable to say two or three words. I think you should see a pediatric doctor.

Ifeoma: You really think that is the best solution right now?

Chinonso: Yes it is and the earlier it is done the better.

Ifeoma: Thank you so much for taking care of my child, I will see to it that something is done about it as soon as possible.

Chinonso: ‘You are welcome Ma. Let me go to the classroom and check up on the kids’ she said and left Ifeoma who was lost in thought.

When she got home with Obiechina, she met Ikedi who was in the house already waiting for her.

Ifeoma: This one that you are back home so early, hope no problem?

Ikedi: No Problem he said and went ahead to carry his son who was just busy looking at him without any emotion. ‘hey son, how was school today’ he looked at his son who neither nod nor reply, shook his head and handed him to his mother. ‘I came home early because I wanted to talk to you about something.

Ifeoma: What is it? Hope nothing happened?

Ikedi: Nothing happened, why?
Ifeoma: Ah! This one you want to talk to me about something, I am wondering what it is.

Ikedi: Tend to our son and when you are done, I will be in the room waiting for you.

Ifeoma : Okay she said and went to see to the needs of Obiechina.

When she was done, she put him to bed and went to her husband ‘What is it you wanted to talk to me about?

Ikedi: I have something I want to say and please, all you have to do is think about it before you say anything else.

Ifeoma: Okay, what is it?
Ikedi: I want us to make another baby.
Ifeoma: You what?

Ikedi: Want us to make another baby.
Ifeoma: Are you for real?
Ikedi: Meaning?
Ifeoma: Are you serious?
Ikedi: Yes I am.

Ifeoma: I am sorry Ikedi but in this case, there is nothing to think about. I or rather, we are not making more babies.

Ikedi: Why? You have not reached menopause have you?

Ifeoma: I haven’t but it still doesn’t mean that I will want to have another child when I have six children already.

Ikedi: and I have only one. And that one is the only one from my loins.

Ifeoma: Is it my fault that you have only one child? I am not going to go through the process of birthing another child just the way we did for Obiechina. Your son, my last born is and was my last bus stop. If you still want to go ahead and have a child, you are on your own ooo.

Ikedi: What do you mean?
Ifeoma: If you want to go outside and pregnant another woman to carry your child, feel free.

Ikedi: Are you saying you want me to have an affair?

Ifeoma: Do whatever you want to do, you are on your own. I have given you what I can, period.

Ikedi: Will you be okay if your husband has a child outside?

Ifeoma: Ikedi, I am way past that. If you want to do it, do it but right now, we have a very serious issue at hand.

Ikedi: What is it again?
Ifeoma: Your son is not okay, he needs medical attention.

Ikedi: I told you to let him be, he will come around in no time.

Ifeoma: No Ikedi, something is wrong.
Ikedi: I told you nothing is wrong.
Ifeoma: Ikedi, I am a mother of five plus Obiechina making it six. I know when a child is not okay.

Ikedi : Hmmm, what do you want me to do now?

Ifeoma: We need to take him to the hospital tomorrow.

When they got to the hospital, they were referred to the children ward where a doctor attended to them. After series of Evaluation and test conducted

Doctor: Madame, you are very lucky to have brought your child here.

Ikedi: Doctor, is anything the matter? He asked for he was scared for the outcome of the result.

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February 15, 2018, 09:57:56 AM Reply #13

Offline Mhiz Ifeoluwa

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Episode 14

Doctor: We need to do more test and evaluation on your child.

Ifeoma: Doctor, What is the problem with him?

Doctor: Your child is suffering from Autism.

Ifeoma: Is that the reason why he hardly mingle with his peers and doesn’t smile and communicate?

Doctor: That is one of many reasons why he behaves the way he does.

Ifeoma: All my children were okay during childbirth, how come his own is different?

Doctor: We can’t really say but a lot of factor could be at play here.

Ifeoma: What do you mean?
Doctor: When you were pregnant, did you take care of yourself and unborn baby?

The kind of alcohol you took and maybe, just maybe the paternal age could also play a role here.

Ikedi: What do you mean Paternal age doctor?

Doctor: Ermmm, at what age did you give birth to your son?

Ikedi: You mean Obiechina?
Doctor: Yes.

Ikedi: Sixty three, sixty four.
Doctor: Okay, you gave birth at an old age if I am allowed to use that word.

Ikedi: What has that got to do with my son being an Autism patient here?

Doctor: recent research carried out over the years has shown that the more the genetic quality of sperm, as well as its volume and motility, all may decrease with age especially when the man is over fifty years old.

Ifeoma: Meaning?
Doctor: Meaning that, permit me to use the layman language here please.

Ikedi: Go ahead.
Doctor: just as how the woman reaches menopause, Men also have their own male biological clock. The higher the age, the lower their sperm count.

Ikedi: I don’t believe this; that is not true.
Doctor: it is sir and it could be one of the reason why your child has autism that is, if other factors have been ruled out.

Ikedi: That is not true, it is a lie.
Doctor: it is sir; men also have their own biological clock.

Ikedi: How come I have never heard of this, no one told me?

Doctor: Because it is a recent research and not a lot of people are well informed about this.

Ikedi: My God! What other effect aside from Autism can a father pass to his children?

Doctor: A lot and they include; autism, schizophrenia, dwarfism or Apert syndrome and a lot more.

Ikedi: Why is awareness not created, a lot of people have no idea that men also have their own biological clock?

Doctor: That is why we are using this medium, Adelove blog to create awareness so that our men will know and be alert on the dangers of having children at old age.

Ifeoma: Doctor, will my son be okay?
Doctor: He will be. He just needs to undergo therapy for a couple of weeks or months, depending on how he responds to them.

Ifeoma: I just want my son to be normal like his other siblings.

Doctor: Do not worry Madame, we will do our best.

Ikedi: Doctor, I really want my son to be oaky and please do whatever you can to help us.

Doctor: I will do my best.

When they got home to prepare for Obiechina’s to commence his therapy, Ifeoma walked up to her husband.

Ifeoma: Ikedi, What are you thinking?
Ikedi: Nothing much.

Ifeoma: Which means there is something, talk to me.

Ikedi: I was just thinking about what the doctor said.

Ifeoma: About the male biological clock?
Ikedi: Yes but aside from that, I have so many regrets.

Ifeoma: What other regrets do you have?
Ikedi: Regrets that I never listened when I was spoken to.

Ifeoma: What do you mean?
Ikedi: I wished I had listened to my mother when she warned me severally about having a child when I was much younger.

Ifeoma: Is that the regrets you have now?
Ikedi: That is the biggest regret of my life.

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February 15, 2018, 06:28:54 PM Reply #14

Offline Mhiz Ifeoluwa

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Final Episode 15

Ifeoma: Why is that?

Ikedi: Because, if I had done that at a young age, I won’t be hear listening to what the doctor said today.

Ifeoma: that is in the past now, at least you have a child now and that is something to be grateful for.

Ikedi: it is because of me that my child is the way he is. This is really worst than the wasted money! Why will the poor boy Obiechina suffer over my own mistakes? Hmmm…

Ifeoma: Don’t beat yourself up for the mistake made, there is nothing you can do about it except helping him with his therapy.

Ikedi: Hmmm, when I had it all, I never knew it will end up like this.

Ifeoma: That’s life for you.
Ikedi: Wow! This life, nobody can say how someone will end. I thought I had my life all figured out. Everything dawned on me when my mother died.

Ifeoma: What do you mean?

Ikedi: I thought that I had my whole life planned just the way I wanted it, Give birth to as many kids as I want whenever I am ready but look at my life now.

Ifeoma: but you have obiechina with you.
Ikedi: Ifeoma you won’t understand. When I was much younger, I used to think that I can give birth anytime I want and if I want. I thought that it is only the woman that go through biological timing, I didn’t know that men do too else I wouldn’t make the mistake I made while still young.

Ifeoma: There is nothing you can do except accept things the way they are.

You should just focus on the one you have at hand afterall, you still have your step children with you and they look up to you as their father.

Ikedi: It also means that there is no way I will be want to have another child after what I have just discovered.

Ifeoma: It’s a 50/50 chance if you want to try with another.

Ikedi: Hmmm, I think this is my final bus stop. I wouldn’t want to take chances and let an innocent child suffer for my own mistake. Like i mentioned earlier, it is worst than the wasted money. I’ve wasted money enough but this one beats beyond it.

Ifeoma: I wish a lot of men out there knows the truth, I wish they know that as they age, they sperm count reduces. I hope your story will serve as a lesson to others and our children.

Ikedi: You are very right, they need to know that as technology is advancing, so new things are been discovered.

Ifeoma: Gone are the days when it is only the woman that suffers alone, men should also brace up and take charge of their life.

Ikedi: if I tell you that I have truly accepted what the doctor said, I will
be lying to you. Men also have biological clock? Wonders will never end.

Ifeoma: New findings coming out every day. Thank God it is not only the women that have biological clock.

Ikedi: Hmmm.
Ifeoma: Anyway, Obiechina’s therapy will start soonest.

Ikedi: I will make sure I do everything possible to make my child whole again.
Ifeoma: He is already well in Jesus name.
Ikedi: Amen! Amen!

Few years later, Ikedi dropped his son at school and was handing him his school bag when Obiechina smiled at him.

Obiechina: Dad, you do not have to worry to come pick me up from school, I will follow my friends home.

Ikedi: And why is that?
Obiechina: Because you are not too strong, remember that you are just recovering.

Ikedi: Okay, I will stay at home and have more rest if that is what you want.

Obiechina: Yes! I also want you to eat and take your drugs on time.

Ikedi: ‘Done’ he raised his right hand in the air.

Obiechina: I also want you to rest well and don’t stress yourself.

Ikedi: ‘Done! Now get going before you get punished by your teacher for coming to school late’ he said to him and waved him goodbye.

When he was sure that his son is safe in school, he turned around and met a woman looking and smiling at him.

Woman: Wow sir, your grandson is so handsome and cute.

Ikedi: Thanks but he is not my grandson but my son.

Woman: Really! She said for she was shocked at what he just said ‘I am sorry ooo, I didn’t know he is your son’ she said and walked away.

As soon as she was a few steps away she turned back and looked at Ikedi again. ‘Hmmm, wonders will never end, how can an old man be the father to that small boy, wetin we no go see for this world oooo’ she said and clapped her hands.

Ikedi: Hmmm, I wish I had Obiechina when I was much younger, Had I known the world will look at me the way that woman just did, I wouldn’t have made this mistake.

THE END......

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