SPYLOADED is an online forum & entertainment platform which is aimed at meeting the needs of the Nigerian Public by Providing Resourceful entertainment articles daily.

We are currently focused on the Ents. And Music industry and as such, we produce music updates from both top and Upcoming Nigerian artists,Locally and internationally.

Our wide experience in this field enables us to proper serve the need of the average Nigerian, Currently, we have a large population both from South West East and North

Our presence is also Dominant in The United States, United Kingdom and Asia, Indian and in the western and Southern parts of Africa.

This gives us a wide reach Globally.

We Promo a variety of Genres of music on our blog including Afro Hip Hop, Pop,Gospel and Techno. Our reach is limitless and we aim to cover the world within a short while.

Song/Files Placement

We Allow placement of songs on this website with token amount.

All song placements should be mailed to spyloaded@gmail.com we accept Gospel Song Placement , Hip Hop/Pop/ Rnb Songs + Gists
Producers who wish to showcase their production skills are also free to mail their instrumentals with the above requirements for their works to be published on this blog.
We are committed to serving you in the best way possible. Thanks for choosing spyloaded.com


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