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World News / Major 7.5-Magnitude Earthquake Hits Papua New Guinea
« Last post by Mhiz Ifeoluwa on February 25, 2018, 10:14:24 PM »

A 7.5-magnitude earthquake struck Papua New Guinea early Monday (local time), US seismologists said, but no tsunami warning was issued.

The quake’s epicentre was around 90 kilometres (55 miles) south of Porgera in Enga province, according to USGS.

The 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck the heart of the island near the near the Southern Highlands area, with tremors felt across the nearby region.

The phenomenon hit at a depth of 10km at roughly 4am local time (6pm GMT).

It is currently unclea rif any damage or injuries were cause by the substantial siesmic event.

Papua New Ginuea rests on the so-called ‘Ring of Fire’ – a hotbed of seismic activity surrounding a tectonic plate that spans the pacific.

The quake follows another seismic event in Japan, where a 5.5 magintude earthquake struck just hours before.

Despite the magintude of the huge quake, officials have confirmed there is no risk of a resultant tsunami.

A statement from the US’ Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre was quoted by AFP as saying: “An Earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.6 occurred in New Guinea, Papua New Guinea at 1745 UTC on Sunday February 25, 2018.

“Based on all available data, there is no Tsunami threat from this earthquake.”
Episode 26

I was trying to move towards Biola’s flat when Kayode rushed to me and gave me a blow, it came as a surprise as I never expected it, one of the guy with them also rushed down to support him but I quickly adjusted myself and tried to rescue myself from them. The third guy came and was trying to separate us while Emma was looking from far, even Biola was in between us..

Kayode: U ehn…u will see what I will do to you

Guy in support: Lets treat this guy f--k up abeg..right now

Biola: You guys should please now…Please

Biola ran to Emma to come and talk to his guys but he never burged. It was just as if he was not concern and didn’t know us from anywhere and it was so unfortunate that there was no other elderly person at home as at that moment.

It was a serious fight and at a time I thought to myself why one of the guys was just neutral instead of him to toe the line of the others but maybe he was just the only reasonable one among them afterall because how else will you explain Kay and Emma coming to bleep my suppose pregnant wife under my room and on my matrimonial bed.

We went inside pick necessary things that we came for and step out of the room. The guys were still outside discussing and immediately they sighted us, Kay started shouting again and wanted to come toward us and the gentle guy stoped him again saying “guy is okay now…no dey show yourself abeg, they don’t handle things this way, he has shown your own video to the world, they will still show his own in full HD”. He turned back to me “Brother, don’t be offended”, “One love bro” I replied.We entered the car and zoomed off

Me:Look at the rubbish these guys were trying with me

Biola: That Kay is not even ashamed of himself for him to have the gut to come and approach you for a fight

Me: Someone that suppose to be begging

Biola: Or see you and run away…..

Me: he doesn’t even have any shame at all

Biola: Don’t mind him……

Me: But come to think of it, how did they know about the video that the other guy said I showed it to the whole world

Biola: Dunno but maybe he means discussing it in the presence of the family members that day

Me: Okay oooo..they just spoilt my day

Biola: Forget about them jare baby.

We got home and ended the day with a lot of gist. By Wednesday, Biola made her way to her parent house in preparation for our coming on Sunday. She couldn’t hide the secret visit from her mum and had to tell her. She explained everything to her and even played the video to her mum but she was no that convince and when she brought up the idea of my parent coming to plead with them she totally rebuff it saying that she doesn’t want anything that will bring problem in the house. “problem in the house ke? Who will cause the problem again? Atleast our major obstacle is presently out of the way now, so what the problem all about again?”

Episode 25

It was like a renewed love between me and Biola, we go to work together in the morning and do go to pick her up in the office later in the evening. There was no free chance at all for me, it was a total close marking from Biola, she want to know who called me, who am calling and all the contacts on my phonebook that are females. Who will even blame her and I dare even not hide anything for her again.

We visited my parent the following Sunday to appreciate their support and what they did for us. My parent was happy that Biola is becoming their wife most especially my mum.

It was a good funfair at home that very day.

Dad: So my boy, what is your plan now
Me: Plan as how sir
Dad: Regarding your marriage to Biola? Don’t you know that you guys shouldn’t wait long again or you want her to get pregnant before doing the necessary things again

Me: No sir, we are giving it a serious thought sir and you know the decision is not ours alone

Dad: so, who else is involve…we your parent are minor issue now

Me: Yes, but the issue is with Biola’s parent.

Have not seen them ever since that incident happened and they are not even aware that we are back together. Left to me if they are aware, I would have even love us to do the introduction as early as next month so that there wont be room for issues again.

Dad: Biola should have been the one to
explain things to them now.

Me: She’s scared of their reaction even though she told me she hinted her mum about our situation but her response was not that possible and you know his dad is a strict military man that even threatened me that time that he doesn’t want to see me near his daughter again

Dad: Its normal that time as no parent will take it lightly with any guy that behaved like that to their daughter

Me: We are just putting everything in the hand of God and you sir

Dad: me ke?
Me: Yes and mom
Dad: Why our hand?

Me: Am thinking if we can go together to their house nextweek. At least they will soft pedal seeing my parent come with me rather than go alone

Mum: When you were causin the problem, did you remember us?

Biola: Ahn..ahn mummy….please now
Dad: Don’t mind them, that’s how children of nowadays behave. They wont know when they are causing the problem but when everything boomeranged, they will run back to their parent

Me: Ehnnn dad, atleast is you elders that do say that someones child can never be so stubborn that you will chase him to the tiger for dinner

Mum: Ahhhhh..omo deyi ma npowe ke?
Biola: Ahnn..ahnnn Mummy
Dad: Don’t mind him…..Do we have ay plan for next weekend mummy Ola

Mum: uhmmmmmm, Saturday is victoria’s wedding but I don’t think we have anywhere we are going on Sunday

Dad: Ohk…Biola, will your parent be around on Sunday

Biola: yes, they should be…………..
Dad: No problem, we will come on Sunday…… Please inform them

Biola: Please Sir, I cant inform them oooo..its better to be a surprise cos they might want to go out if they know you are coming most especially Dad. You know he’s still bitter about the whole issue.

Me: I think it will be better as a surprise
Mum: what if they now decide to go out..
Biola: I will be giving you feedback about their movement on Sunday sir

Dad: So we should be like a watch
guard….tailing the movement of your parent

Mum: Don’t mind them…..
Me: Please now Daddy
Biola: mummy Please now…Please do this for us

Mum: Daddy…please lets consider them
Dad: Ohk oo…atleast you have learnt your own mistake now

Biola: Ahhhh Dad, he has over learn sef
Me: Shut up jhoor…na u dem dey follow talk?

E concern u..papa and son dey talk and you dey put mouth

Mum: get away jhoor…make she no put
mouth. Biola, lets go and continue our own discussion in the kitchen.

Biola: Yes Ma
They both left for the kitchen , me and my dad continue to gist. It was there and then he started gisting me about his own youthful age as it relate to what happened to me.

He narrated what happened between my mum and him, how he was dating someone before my mum and it was a serious competition between both babes way back them but he was wise enough to be using preventive measure and not allow his deek dictate how he ended up with his life. “so how did you ended up with my mum?” I asked…….Your mum? Don’t mind her, she was smarter than me but not to the extent of Mary.

That is why she couldn’t do much about Mary as she believe its somehow genetic, she think maybe things will work out perfect between you guys just like ours but she has forgotten that girls of nowadays can go the the extreme to achieve whatever they wanted………We both laughed at it

Mum: What are you guys laughing at? I know you are discussing about us…Aproko, daddy and son

Me: ahn..ahn mum, we are only gisting
Mum: ohk guys should come to the is ready.

After spending another two hours with my parent, we decided to leave around 6pm but our first point of call was Biola’s house to pick one or two things. We got to the gate entered the compound and saw Emma, Kayode and two other guys since the incident with Mary happened……

To be continued..
Entertainments / Bollywood Star - Sridevi Kapoor Dies Of Heart Attack
« Last post by Mhiz Ifeoluwa on February 25, 2018, 12:56:00 PM »

Bollywood superstar Sridevi Kapoor has died of a heart attack at the age of 54, her family has said.

It was learned that fans and crowds gathered outside Sridevi’s home in Mumbai as news emerged of her death.

In his reaction, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted that he was “saddened by the untimely demise of noted actor Sridevi.”

The actress is reported to have been with her family in Dubai for her nephew’s wedding.

Got Talent Shows / BEST Sword Swallowers on Got Talent Global WORLDWIDE
« Last post by Mhiz Ifeoluwa on February 25, 2018, 12:45:26 PM »

Sword swallowing! Don't try this at home! Watch all the best sword swallowers on Got Talent Global. Check out the dangerous auditions that make the judges cringe and can't watch!! What did you think about the crazy performances?? Let us know in the comments below...

Watch below

Source: YouTube
SpyLoaded News / Boko Haram Fighters Threatened To Kill Us - Dapchi Schoolgirl
« Last post by Mhiz Ifeoluwa on February 24, 2018, 03:18:53 PM »

One of the schoolgirls of the Government Girls Science Technical College in Dapchi area of Yobe state, has revealed how Boko Haram terrorists abducted her schoolmates.

Hafsat Lawan said her younger sister has not been found since the terrorists attacked the school on Monday.

Dapchi is 100kilometers north of Damaturu, the state capital.

The student, who was one of the few girls that narrowly escaped spoke to Channels TV in Hausa language.

She said, “Some of us ran away while somewhere held by the insurgents as they kept threatening us to come to them unless they will kill us. Presently my younger sister among several others are yet to be found.”
Episode 24

It was a total relief that the storm was over, after my parent left my place, I drove to Biola’s house but instead of staying at home, she said she will like to follow me back home all in the name of she wouldn’t want to leave another space for something to happen again. We got home later in the evening and we renewed our vow and I promised her never to misbehave again, infact I promised her that my phone and everything will be totally accessible for her going forward and hardly will I go to anywhere without giving her feedback of all my whereabout. It was late in the evening in the bedroom and we recounted all what happened in the past 9 months…..

Me: So, what are we going to do now baby

Biola: Do as how?

Me: Regarding your parent

Biola: uhmmmm…that’s a serious issue that have been thinking of since yesterday, I don’t even know how to break everything to them

Me: We will explain to them now

Biola: You think its that easy?

Me: Whats hard there..atleast Mary that caused all this problem is no more there and the truth is now open that she wasn’t even carrying my pregnancy

Biola: To my parent, its not Mary that caused it but you..There was a day I was discussing it with my mum and her opinion was that if you can cheat on me while we are not married then what will happen when we get married

Me: And you couldn’t defend me?

Biola: Defend you? How will I do that at the thick of the storm

Me: I understand sha…but I can never do that when am married, I can never cheat on my wife

Biola: Uhmmmm…but you cheated on Mary with me now

Me: That’s not cheating now but true love, its because my heart has always been with you

Biola: the same way your heart with be with any of your ex if you guys mistakingly meet each other again

Me: which of my ex will I do that with

Biola: How will I know..just becareful, what happened is a serious lesson to both of us

Me: Definitely and have learnt in a serious way, I thought am a player not knowing that so many people are master player

Biola: But that biatch get mind sha…I cant even do quarter of what she did

Me: She’s definitely a criminal

Biola: We will find a way to tell my parent

Me: Am thinking maybe we should involve my parent..I know my mum will definitely want to follow me to your parent house even if dad will not want to go

Biola: Yes oooo…that’s a good idea

Me: then maybe you should try and be clearing the ground bit by bit before our visit so that it will be a smooth ride for us anytime we arrive

Biola: How will I clear the ground ooo mr planner

Me: By talking to mum alone first and playing the video for her to see

Biola: Ohk ooooo….i will do that sha, so when do you suggest we can do this?

Me: as early as possible, if possible I and mum should come to your house nextweek and I will love a situation where we can atleast get done with our marriage in a month time

Biola: Month ke? Hope that’s not too fast?

Me: Too fast bi ti bawo? What else are we waiting for..the best thing is for us to conclude on time and avoid sily mistakes again abi you still want these useless gehs to collect your guy again?

Biola: Lailai..thats impossible..lets wait and see how it goes sha, first thing is my parent

Me: Definitely…I love you so much baby

Biola: I love you too

To be continued
Webmasters Board / Re: Download Youtube Grabber Script With Sitemap & Api Key Set up
« Last post by Fan on February 24, 2018, 09:26:09 AM »
Thank you for replying.
I found out that the sitemap auto generate links itself and only search queries are stored. Is it ok like that?
Pls review mine if there should be any change/improvement to be made
And here is my sitemap
SpyLoaded News / British Military willing to assist in rescue of Yobe schoolgirls
« Last post by Mhiz Ifeoluwa on February 24, 2018, 08:58:33 AM »

Speaking on Friday at a forum organized by Partners West Africa-Nigeria on prioritising the voices of women in security organisations based on National Action Plan on Women (2017-2020), Robertson revealed his team was monitoring the situation closely.

The General Advisor, British Military Advisory and Training Team (BMATT) in Nigeria, Major Ian Robertson, has said they would be willing to assist in the rescue of students from Government Girls Secondary School (GGSS), Dapchi in Yobe State, who were reportedly abducted by suspected Boko Haram insurgents.

He also expressed worries that schoolgirls have become soft targets for insurgents.

“Having heard about this particular issue recently, I am still trying to get more information about what is going on, but it is clearly very disappointing that something like this has happened, that the girls have been taken.

“But let me reassure you, from the British military perspective, that we are monitoring the event quite closely and we are cooperating with the armed forces of Nigeria to see how we can assist,” Robertson said.
Life Stories Board / Re: Interesting Story: All Men Are The Same (18+) - Complete Season 1
« Last post by Marian on February 24, 2018, 08:16:24 AM »
Infact this is so much interesting.. it's should Serve a lessons to other guys who act to be a play boy outside there.  Mary is a bad girl oo. well
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